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Dear bakers, this section is devoted to you.

Call us quickly if you wish to become a French Baker's Bag (Le Sac Du Boulanger) dealer, with no commitments nor expenses involved,
and we will explain everything!

You will receive a personal account number, once you
are accredited by our departments, which enables you
to join the great French Baker's Bag
(Le Sac Du Boulanger) family


There are no commitments on your part
You only buy what you have sold
We provide you with additional earnings
We preserve your area

You have the opportunity to customize
Le Sac du Boulanger in your likeness

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Fine embroidery for marking your logo

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The present model is a simulation of partnership.

Call + via WhatsApp
E-mail : adhesion@lesacduboulanger.com

If you already have an e-mail account:



If you have forgotten your password, click here.

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